Advertising in the Guide Book

Deadline to place ads is to be determined

Want to make a big impression on tour attendees? Many visitors hang onto their guidebooks long after the Big BIG Tour is over. An ad with your business name and contact information is a great way to capitalize on that. There are several ad sizes to choose from, see the chart below for details.

After purchasing the ad space that best fits your needs, please review the camera-ready ad requirements, deadline information and other details. If you would like help with your ad, for an additional fee, we can design a professional ad for you that will make a big impact for your potential customers.

Please understand that we cannot take specific page assignment requests, but we make every effort to place ads in close proximity to the advertiser’s real estate listings and/or within the area where the advertiser operates their business or service.

Once you pay for an ad, you will do one of two things:

1. If you’ve chosen a Camera-Ready Ad, you will click on the link found in the “Camera-Ready Ad Requirements” section below.

2. If you’ve decided to have us design your ad, you can find directions for how to contact us under the “We’ll Design an Ad For You” paragraph below.

2015 Guidebook Display Ads Same prices as 2014!

Ad Size Ad Dimensions Camera-Ready Ad Ad with Design Fee
Full Page A full page ad is

4.75″w x 7.75″h

$150 $200
Half Page A half page ad is

4.75″w x 3.8125″h

$90 $115
1/4 Page A vertical quarter page ad is 2.3125″w x 3.8125″hA horizontal quarter page ad is 4.75″w x 1.8483″h $50 $65

Camera-Ready Ad Requirements

All camera-ready ads must be provided as 300 dpi black & white or grayscale in EPS, TIFF, JPEG, or PDF formats only. If you’re providing a JPEG, make sure you choose the least amount of compression (largest file size) possible. Anything less may create undesirable results. If you are providing a PDF, make certain you can verify that it is a high-resolution PDF. Anything less may not reproduce well. No other formats other than those listed will be accepted.

Please proof your ad before submitting it. We cannot be held responsible for mistakes in Camera-Ready Ads, nor do we guarantee a quality reproduction if the submitted ad does not adhere to the above guidelines. Email your ad to Claralyn Bollinger . CLARALYN@HOTMAIL.COM and enter your business name and ad size on the Subject line (ex: Busy City Realtor – Half Page). In the Message field, enter your contact information and cell phone number in case we have a problem with your ad and need to reach you quickly. You will receive an email confirmation within about 48 hours that your ad has been received.

We’ll Design an Ad For You

If you are pressed for time or need an ad created but don’t know how to go about making one, we can help. For a nominal fee, our graphic designer is ready to create a professional ad for you. You must be prepared to provide your logo, proofread text and photos, all print-ready quality. We cannot guarantee good results if the components provided are not of good quality. You will be advised if this is the case. You will receive a PDF proof of your ad via email and we will include two rounds of revisions along with the design of the ad. If you require design assistance, please contact Claralyn Bollinger via email at CLARALYN@HOTMAIL.COM or call (314)604-1570. She will get you in touch with our designer.

Purchase Your Ad

Descriptions are:

Simple Tips for Creating a Great Ad

  • Keep it simple.
  • Too much information can make an ad look crowded and confusing, and you may not get the results you want.
  • Look for ways to stand out from your competition.
  • Create a clever headline; add a picture or two, depending on ad size; use simple text that’s short and to the point. Add your business name and/or logo, phone number, email and Web site and you’re done!
  • Choose a font that is easy to read.
  • Scripts are generally not a good choice for small ads.
  • Logos downloaded from the Internet will almost always reproduce poorly.
  • The Web has a different set of visual parameters, so a logo or other image that looks good on a computer screen will probably produce less than favorable results when printed.