Our Mission

Promote & strengthen St. Louis revitalization through education, civic engagement, and community events.


ReVitalize St. Louis is a non-profit organization that promotes revitalization efforts in the City of St Louis through education, support of progressive civic projects, and strengthening communities. Our mission and vision point towards a future for St. Louis where innovative development ideas are implemented with broad community support, where citizens celebrate the city’s unique building heritage, and where we can all work together toward a sustainable St. Louis.


  • Through ongoing efforts, ReVitalize St. Louis strives to:
  • Educate the public on neighborhood evolution & improvements throughout the city.
  • Be a resource for citizens about the city and the changes that are moving St. Louis into the future.
  • Advocate for positive and innovative changes as they relate to the built environment.
  • Showcase our city’s great architectural heritage of both past & present.
  • Support existing civic and community organizations that align with our mission.