ReVitalize St. Louis is a registered 501c3 nonprofit.  ReVitalize St. Louis (RVSTL) is the parent organization of the St. Louis Rehabbers Club and Big BIG Tour. RVSTL exists to promote revitalization efforts in the City of St. Louis through education, support of progressive civic projects, and strengthening communities.

The organization’s mission and vision point towards a future for St. Louis where innovative development ideas are implemented with broad community support, where citizens celebrate the City’s unique building heritage, and where we all work together towards a sustainable City.

A committed group of people serves as the organization’s Board of Directors. By bringing a broad range of life experience and individual accomplishment to bear, the Board members actively promote St. Louis City living and the preservation of our architectural heritage and built environment.

For more information including the Board, the St. Louis Rehabbers Club or other ways to get involved, please visit the

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